Collections of articles organized around issue, subject, or ideology.

Bernie's Revolution

Bernie Sanders' two presidential campaigns revived and united disparate factions of the American left. While his campaigns failed to overcome elitist elements of the Democratic Party, his campaign leaves socialists, reformers and progressives with a roadmap for future change. This chronicle collects opinions, writings, and strategies that arouse from the socialist left during his four year adventure.


Cooperative economic models best replicate what life under socialism might look like. These articles provide context and shape to what that economic mode might look like.

DC Statehood

Despite having a population and economy larger than some states, the people of DC lack a federal voice and local autonomy. But decades of advocacy and activism have raised the prospect of DC Statehood once again. This collection of articles explores the evolving arguments for statehood, and highlights some of the local characters who have been pushing it for some time.


Entry collections on DMV issues.

Defund Police

Policing (and prisons) are ubiquitous features of our world, yet these institutions have not always existed, nor played as large a role in our society as they do today. In response to the death of George Floyd, racial justice protests sparked a renewed interest in police abolition as an ideological goal - with the defunding of police departments becoming a policy informed by those ideas.


A collection of articles on the democratic process.

Election 2020

The 2020 Election became a showdown between fascism and liberal democracy. Although a second Trump term was narrowly defeated, Trump's resiliency demands investigation in order to make sure the movement his revived can be defeated at ballot boxes in the future. These articles report on the 2020 Election by navigating the battle-lines that shaped the race.

Green New Deal

Human activity is causing disastrous climate disruption and Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, triggering critical losses of biodiversity. But this crisis exceeds ecological collapse. Deepening inequality, retrenchment into fascism, precarious employment, racial violence, and a resilient military industrial complex make it difficult to find a way out of these growing disasters. The answer will be more than just technocratic tinkering - it will demand a Green New Deal.


Solidarity knows no borders. To win the world that we want, we can’t just fight for better conditions for the working class at home, but for total liberation of the working class in all corners of the world.

Israeli Apartheid

The rights and humanity of the Palestinian people have long been ignored by the US foreign policy establishment. But following the consistent documentation and advocacy initiated by human rights activists and political organizers has made the brutality of the Israeli state unassailable. This collection organizes entries on Israel's disturbing regime and charts the efforts of socialists trying to confront it.


Although typically deep-blue, Maryland has an establishment bias that progressives and socialists have struggled to beat back. With anti-establishment rancor threatening even Democratic constituencies, progressives have found fertile soil to revive socialism as a force in Maryland.

Medicare for All

The cornerstone of Bernie Sanders' two campaigns for president - Medicare for All - introduced many to the idea that a better way to distribute care is possible. After two failed presidential election cycles, it's unclear where the battle goes from here. But the left, more united than ever, is determined to make Bernie's political demand a reality. These articles help inform readers on how to think about Medicare for All in both the local and national context.

One Fair Wage

In 2018, DC residents voted to remove the tipped minimum wage, which would force service employers to cough up more of their profits to pay their workers a living wage. Despite passing in all eight wards of DC, a majority of DC councilmembers caved to pressure from food-chain conglomerates and industry groups to overturn the ballot initiative. These articles chronicle that saga, and include additional articles on fair wage policy and politics.


Coronavirus has irrevocably changed the world - and laid bare the deep structural issues that rot our economy and society. This collection covers the coronavirus contagion, and provides insight into what it reveals about capitalism's economic order.


To understand how to get to a socialist future, we need to know how we got here in the first place. This listing chronicles entries from old editions of the Washington Socialist.


The advent of behavioral capitalism has radically reshaped the nature of economic relations. With technological progress comes new staging grounds for power-relations between labor and capital: providing new avenues for corporate exploitation, but also new means for labor to strike at capital. This collection explores the interaction between technological evolution and socialism.


The once marginal Democratic Socialists of America have recently become one of the most essential hubs for anti-capitalist politics in the country. This collection of stories contains debates, ideas, and analysis of the DSA at both the local and national level.

The Hogan Beat

Republican Governor Larry Hogan has found himself comfortably situated in the deep-blue state of Maryland. These articles reveal the streaks of corruption, corporatism, and conservatism that betray Hogan's positioning as a supposed centrist.

The Informant

Entries that compile left-adjacent intel from across cyber-space.

Trump Regime

Donald Trump's presidency represented a unique threat to American democracy. The four-year battle against his regime is charted in this collection.


A historically Republican state, massive population growth in Northern Virginia has revived a populist, working-class, and socialist character that had been long dormant in VA's Democratic Party.