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Coronavirus has irrevocably changed the world - and laid bare the deep structural issues that rot our economy and society. This collection covers the coronavirus contagion, and provides insight into what it reveals about capitalism's economic order.
Alex Mell-Taylor
June 2022
It's simple to wave your hand and say you will hire an unrealistic number of police officers. But reality is more complicated than that.
Stephen Melkisethian
July 2021
An inside (the courtroom) look at how our legal system can sidestep eviction moratoriums in Montgomery County.
Cesar Ruiz
June 2021
Community groups, political organizations, and mutual aid networks rallied to confront the District government's bumbling vaccine rollout.
Abel Amene
April 2021
Medicare for All is not a fix-all solution. But it is the foundation from which an equitable and just health care system can be built.
Bill Mosley
March 2021
Trump is gone, but the pandemic nightmare his administration failed to acknowledge remains.
Dan Singer
January 2021
The anti-capitalist theories provided by the late-philosopher Mark Fisher can help us make sense of the tragedies inflicted by the coronavirus - and build a new class politics in its wake.
Bill Mosley
January 2021
In mid-December the United States passed a grim milestone: 300,000 lives lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. How do we even begin to process how many have died?
Editorial Crew
January 2021
DMV socialists took to the streets of Washington in order to highlight the dire need for bold federal action to address the ongoing suffering of the working-class.
Dylan Craig
November 2020
As the Washington Teachers Union battles against reopening plans set forth by Mayor Bowser, the need for working-class solidarity is more apparent than ever.
Woody Woodruff
September 2020
Observations on how the pandemic changed the relationship between labor and capital, today and perhaps into the future.
Woody Woodruff
August 2020
Adapting to life in the time of permanent biohazard is going to require permanent lifestyle and behavior changes, and we really don’t know which changes will be more or less pleasant and which ones not.
Woody Woodruff
July 2020
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has failed to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 virus in a state battered by skyrocketing unemployment.
Woody Woodruff
June 2020
Automation provides the left an opportunity to mobilize socialism in the post-pandemic era.
Woody Woodruff
April 2020
To what extent will the next future be a gradual reconstruction of the capitalist material structures of the past, and how much a palimpsest, erased and rewritten in a different idiom?
Kurt Stand
April 2020
As the coronavirus emergency overtook Maryland, day by day and with new restrictions piling up, thousands have watched their jobs evaporate under their feet.
Gary zZz
April 2020
It's tempting to believe that the dangers and calamity imposed by COVID-19 are unique. But COVID is only capable of mass proliferation because it feeds on the long-neglected externalities produced by our current arrangement of work and life.
Andy Feeney
April 2020
The COVID-19 epidemic has found many governments and business leaders unprepared to meet the emergency. For socialists who take the capitalist economic system seriously, however, COVID-19 shouldn’t be a surprise.