Israeli Apartheid

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The rights and humanity of the Palestinian people have long been ignored by the US foreign policy establishment. But following the consistent documentation and advocacy initiated by human rights activists and political organizers has made the brutality of the Israeli state unassailable. This collection organizes entries on Israel's disturbing regime and charts the efforts of socialists trying to confront it.
Max B. Sawicky
January 2022
The controversy stirred up by Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s vote to fund Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system and his meeting with the repulsive Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett raises questions about the posture of the US Left towards Palestinian liberation, Zionism and anti-Semitism.
Alexandra Melinchok
November 2021
Prisons in both the US and Palestine fragment communities and deepen systemic inequalities. We must recognize that all prisoners are political and no human being deserves to be incarcerated.
Marie M.
June 2021
Photos from the Saturday, May 15 Nakba 73 protests in DC.
Kaiser F.
June 2021
Israel's propaganda tactics have not changed in over a decade - but their success is fading in the face of activist resolve.
Kaiser F.
September 2019
Throughout the 2019 Convention, there were many chances outside of debating resolutions and bylaws to connect with comrades across the organization, at hosted events and informal meetups.
David Schwartzman
July 2019
All of these Green New Deal goals will need a broad bottom-up mobilization of the residents most impacted, DC’s working class along with their allies, and must be planned and implemented by the same.
Caroline Debnam
November 2018
Democratic socialism must create ample space for a robust peace movement in material policy platforms. Authoritarianism, war, climate change and imperialism must be confronted with conviction.
Chip Gibbons
September 2018
Occupation Free DC is part of a nationwide campaign led by Jewish Voice for Peace that seeks to get US law enforcement to end its “deadly exchange” with Israeli police and military.
Woody Woodruff
November 2017
Democrats hone their strategy for sending Governor Larry Hogan back to private life while Hogan postures for his base.
Kurt Stand
September 2017
Working through DSA's inevitable growing pains will require balancing the optimism of a mass movement with the realism of achieving "the left-wing of the possible."
Enrique Calvo
June 2017
DSA should reject calls to leave the Socialist International.
Kurt Stand
June 2017
A meeting with Rep. Anthony Brown reassured a leery left-wing delegation, but left some room for improvement.
Chip Gibbons
March 2017
Maryland lawmakers should not violate the free speech rights of their residents in order to continue a culture of impunity for violating Palestinian human rights.