Medicare for All

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The cornerstone of Bernie Sanders' two campaigns for president - Medicare for All - introduced many to the idea that a better way to distribute care is possible. After two failed presidential election cycles, it's unclear where the battle goes from here. But the left, more united than ever, is determined to make Bernie's political demand a reality. These articles help inform readers on how to think about Medicare for All in both the local and national context.
Cesar Ruiz
June 2021
Community groups, political organizations, and mutual aid networks rallied to confront the District government's bumbling vaccine rollout.
Bill Mosley
May 2021
Heather McGhee's new book reminds us that racial division is a vital component of capitalist exploitation.
Abel Amene
April 2021
Medicare for All is not a fix-all solution. But it is the foundation from which an equitable and just health care system can be built.
Bill Mosley
March 2021
Trump is gone, but the pandemic nightmare his administration failed to acknowledge remains.
Gary zZz
January 2021
The progressive project of forcing a vote on Medicare for All is high-stakes. Boosters from the commanding heights of lefty media are promoting the idea without fully acknowledging the effort it might entail.
Bill Mosley
January 2021
This article from February 1992 set out the state of play for the single-payer movement at the time. As in 2020, a recession was making millions of Americans anxious about their own access to health care.
Lindsay Koshgarian
January 2020
How do we afford Medicare for All? We have to recognize that war profiteers endanger our safety and cost the US taxpayer massive amounts that can be redirected to human needs, including the one that most voters rank first -- fixing our broken health care system.
Woody Woodruff
September 2019
The Assembly passed a bill creating a panel to examine and if necessarily lower prescription drug prices in Maryland. The GOP governor, whose veto of the bill was overriden, has refused to release the funds appropriated, kicking off a nasty fight.
Richard DeShay Elliott
August 2019
With Maryland’s multi-member districts, the costs of running a race and the time needed to cover the 125,000-plus population districts are too much for all but the most well-funded insurgent candidates. In many parts of the state, particularly Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, the only way to win is by joining the incumbent slate.
Adam Stromme
December 2018
The divide between the liberal commentariat and the public's conception of the 2018 election shows the limitations of the Democratic Party.
Editorial Crew
October 2017
Our local chapter is enjoying excellent timing for this public outreach as the Senate's last-gasp Graham-Cassidy attempt at ruinous health care changes implodes.
Margaret Flowers
July 2017
Polls have consistently shown that Democratic Party voters want single payer, but the Party keeps telling them they can't have it.
Woody Woodruff
June 2017
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan delivered his long-threatened veto of HB1 -- it must be used against him.
Kurt Stand
June 2017
A meeting with Rep. Anthony Brown reassured a leery left-wing delegation, but left some room for improvement.