The Hogan Beat

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Republican Governor Larry Hogan has found himself comfortably situated in the deep-blue state of Maryland. These articles reveal the streaks of corruption, corporatism, and conservatism that betray Hogan's positioning as a supposed centrist.
Jimmy Tarlou
July 2021
A former progressive legislator’s lens on the action at the 2021 session of the Maryland General Assembly: a litany of missed opportunities and unfinished business.
Woody Woodruff
July 2020
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has failed to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 virus in a state battered by skyrocketing unemployment.
Ben Ross
March 2020
Will Gov. Larry Hogan, like Trump, make Maryland taxpayers hostages to a foreign (global capitalist) power?
Woody Woodruff
Febrary 2020
We look at the list of issues that many analysts say will top the agenda of this 2020 General Assembly session, and we get the itchy feeling that one sentence could clear away some of the confusion.
McKayla Wilkes
November 2019
Mckayla Wilkes has been endorsed by MDC DSA membership in her run for the Democratic nomination for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District. The primary is April 28, 2020. The incumbent: Steny Hoyer.
Woody Woodruff
September 2019
The Assembly passed a bill creating a panel to examine and if necessarily lower prescription drug prices in Maryland. The GOP governor, whose veto of the bill was overriden, has refused to release the funds appropriated, kicking off a nasty fight.
Woody Woodruff
August 2019
Hogan, as Treasurer Nancy Kopp acutely suggests, is becoming rapidly more Trump-like as he wallows in second-term freedom, acting out the Maryland equivalent of the Obama-obsessed Trump’s attempt to erase the work of his predecessor, in Hogan’s case Democrat Martin O’Malley.
Woody Woodruff
May 2019
Sine Die was, to say the least, complicated by the death of House of Delegates Chair Mike Busch the weekend before, followed by a dismal and unseemly contest to succeed him.
Woody Woodruff
March 2019
The ostensibly sunny-day Hogan budget puts a heavy load on the General Assembly to adapt it to what Marylanders actually need.
Woody Woodruff
March 2019
On February 14 an advocacy transportation group denounced a quiet move by Hogan’s ethically compromised transportation agency (MDOT) to formally drop all mass transit options from his big plan to add toll lanes to the I-495 Beltway and to I-270.
Woody Woodruff
February 2019
As political Maryland swings into another General Assembly session where Democrats face a second-term GOP governor, the shape of things political in a divided state is sketched by a variety of examples.
Woody Woodruff
September 2018
In Places Journal, Alex MacGillis writes about the legacy of highway-fueled white flight in Baltimore, and the sheer resentment suburban residents feel toward transit serving the city (‘loot train’).
Woody Woodruff
August 2018
Woody Woodruff analyzes the duplicitous stealth-centrist posture of GOP Gov. Larry Hogan as he seeks a second term in November – and the conservative and pro-corporate administration he leads.
Larry Stafford Jr.
July 2018
Ben Jealous’s primary victory puts Maryland within striking distance of the progressive governor Maryland deserves and needs.
Woody Woodruff
December 2017
A useful intercity rail system is in reach for Maryland if it defers the maglev and hyperloop dreams in favor of the needs of today's travelers.
Woody Woodruff
November 2017
Democrats hone their strategy for sending Governor Larry Hogan back to private life while Hogan postures for his base.
Ben Ross
October 2017
Hogan's highway plan encumbers an enormous cost and short state revenues.
Woody Woodruff
April 2017
In this year before the 2018 gubernatorial election -- when Maryland Democrats will pull out all the stops to oust Republican Governor Larry Hogan -- legislation and progressive activism are showing many convergences.
Woody Woodruff
February 2017
As Metro DC DSA's reach expands - policywise - into suburban Maryland, left allies offer ample opportunities to take Maryland in a new direction.