Washington Socialist Cover, July 2017

July 2017

It's some measure of where we are in 2017 that for the first time in years we are publishing a July issue. Our practice in previous summers - when the level of political activity, even in here the Metro DC area, ebbed considerably -was to publish a Midsummer issue on Bastille Day, the only one between June and Labor Day.

Not in the era of Trump. Not with a quadrupled DSA membership.

We'll have an August issue following this one. More to the point, we'll publish our Weekly Update every Friday throughout the summer, and there will be plenty of thought and action to report, and report on. We won't have a customary lazy, hazy Midsummer issue on Bastille Day, July 14, but as it happens that iconic anniversary falls on a Friday this year so you can expect socialism in your inbox on that jour de revolution anyway.

Metro DC DSA's brand-new, restyled and enhanced website itself will be a much more dynamic source for socialist activists and socialist analysis - and for our increasing work with our allies on the broad left.

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