Good Reads for Socialists - July 2017

Here's a roundup of recent articles with links -- often non-mainstream sources -- that you may have missed. In particular, don't miss Bob Roman's compilation, "DSA in the News" if you haven't seen it before...

Cities are doin' it for themselves, creating an organizing framework for low-wage workers in food service industries. This is a nice model for any city, even a city-state...

James Livingston, who wanted to call his book "Fuck Work" but had to settle for No More Work, extends his discussion in the Baffler.

Helpful discussion from Harvard's Shorenstein Center of "fake news," indicating that its effectiveness and credibility depend on repetitive frequency. Meaning: the more money you have, the more shills you can pay to re-send your garbage. Something buried in this frame about "capitalism?"

And still more about Universal Basic Income -- a fully developed, highly debatable discussion of how to fund it.

A quick catchup on the latest thought and action on what's pushing the health care debate left, from national DSA office:


And here's the latest installment of our comrade Bob Roman's compilation "DSA in the News:"

The "socialism is cool" and "American socialism, isn't that remarkable" themes (in other words, DSA being famous for being famous) are finally subsiding though there are still a few instances. I've been waiting for it: This June has brought the first conservative media attack of any consequence on DSA as the Virginia shootings made left-wing terrorism plausible for the first time in decades. On the other hand, the People's Summit and various off-year elections generated considerably more press for DSA, and equal to those two were a steady trickle of stories of local DSA actions on a variety of issues. It amounted to an impressive portfolio, especially since a few were wire service reports that were carried in a wide number of outlets. There are well over five dozen links in this report.

At Mother Jones, Tim Murphy wrote a socialism = cool article, meaning DSA = cool. DSA's growth was used as an argument in an article by Charles Lasswell at Time. DSA made it into Liza Featherstone's "advice" essay at The Nation. A progressive wave, including DSA, is sweeping the country, said John Nichols at The Nation.

The story had been getting some play among right-wing blogs, but David Urbanski brought it to The Blaze: YDS advocates the guillotine for conservatives! I haven't seen these folks have so much fun in a long time, not since "Obama is a socialist." Clint Cooper eventually brought the story to the Times Free Press. Unfortunately, the story became coincident with the shootings in suburban Virginia. Julie Bykowicz then incorporated it a "climate of hate" essay at Associated Press. That AP article gave the University of Georgia an excuse to open proceedings against the YDS club according to Nate Harris at The Red & Black. That item made it into USA Today's weekly summary of collegiate news. The story also made it into the local press at the Athens Banner-Herald by Lee Shearer. A follow-up article by Lee Shearer at the Athens Banner-Herald noted that any such investigation could easily infringe on free speech rights. Understandably, that aspect did not make it into Tom Ciccotta's account at Breitbart nor in any of the multitude of ditto-head postings on various right-wing blog sites.

A "who is James Hodgkinson" item by Oliver Laughland at The Guardian included a quote from DSA's Stuart Keating. A "political climate in the wake of the shootings" item at The Guardian by Ed Pilkington, Adam Gabbatt and Lois Beckett included a quote from YDS' Hannah Zimmerman.

DSA got a passing mention as one of the organizers of the Peoples Summit by Adam Gabbatt at The Guardian. Chris Kenning's Saturday coverage of the Peoples Summit at Reutersincluded mentions of DSA. Kim Bellware and Daniel Marans at the Huffington Post mentioned DSA in the context of the Peoples Summit, Sanders, Corbyn and more. Maria Svart was quoted in Gregory Krieg's coverage of the Peoples Summit at CNN. Chris Kenning's Sunday coverage at Reuters included two DSA mentions, and Charlie May quoted Reuters in mentioning DSA at Salon. Tim Murphy's write-up of the Peoples Summit at Mother Jones included a few passing mentions of DSA. Andrew Breiner wrote a brief account of the event for Roll Call with a DSA mention.

I don't generally consider Daily Kos as "news" but "benny05" had a good account of DSA at the Peoples Summit. Kate Aronoff's account of the Peoples Summit at In These Times mentioned DSA in connection with Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa. Lauren Niedel mentioned DSA in a Peoples Summit account at RI Future. Sarah Leonard mentioned DSA in her Sanders / Corbyn / Peoples Summit piece in The New York Times. Jacobin Radio's Suzi Weissman had DSA National Director Maria Svart on to discuss the People's Summit. It's not clear whether it's about the Peoples Summit or about Reality Leigh Winner, but DSA got a mention in Chuck Ross' item at Daily Caller as we did in a Peoples Summit editorial at Anchorage Daily Planet.

Despite the many benefits of the Sanders campaign, including DSA among them, Sanders shouldn't run for President again, opines Sarah Jones at New Republic.

An account of the recent British election got DSA a mention by Amber Enderton at Elk Grove

At The Washington Post, Gregory Schneider's report on Virginia politics, focusing on the campaign of Ross Mittiga, gave DSA a passing mention. Michael Bragg noted DSA's support for Mittiga at Daily Progress. Our Revolution's intervention in the Massachusetts Democratic Party convention was covered by Theo Anderson at In These Times, using DSA as an identifier. Paul Frangipane's account of a Brooklyn town hall for district attorney candidates included a quote from a DSA member at Brooklyn Daily Eagle. At Brooklyn Daily, Julianna Cuba noted NYC DSA endorsed Khader El-Yateem for District Council. At Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Paula Katinas profiled Council candidate Khader El-Yateem and DSA's support for his campaign. Mark Chiusano at Newsday also noted NYC DSA's re-entry into electoral politics with the El-Yateem campaign. Republican Bob Capano gave DSA some free publicity in denouncing our participation in the El-Yateem campaign, and Paula Katinas wrote it up for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Daniel Marans' account of a campaign debate between Handel and Ossoff included a quote from DSA's Milton Tambor at The Huffington Post. Bartolome Carpio's account of that debate also included a quote from DSA's Milton Tambor at HoyenTV. The same quote somehow appears at VouxMagazine by Alfred Griffith. Michael Sainato interviewed Minneapolis City Council candidate Ginger Jentzen wherein DSA got a few mentions at The Real News Network.

Jerry Iannelli mentioned DSA in passing at the Miami New Times in connection with county States Attorney Kathy Rundle's political career.

At City Arts Magazine, Shaun Scott mentioned DSA a few times in an article about political culture, national and in Seattle.

Jared Ware's examination of Redneck Revolt at Shadowproof included a mention of DSA.

Pittsburg has two Pride marches. Aldalberto Toledo's coverage included quotes from DSA members at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Associated Press' Kristena Hansen covered a disruptive protest at the state legislature over anemic school funding in Oregon, including DSA's participation. The accompanying photo featured DSA banners. Being AP, the account and photo got picked up by numerous entities. Paris Achen at the Portland Tribune covered the same demo, giving DSA a brief paragraph.

Jules Boykoff at The Guardian mentioned DSA and the NOlympics LA campaign in an essay pointing out the connection between the games and government spying. KCAL (CBS) noted DSA's NOlympics LA campaign in an item about the prospects for the games in LA.

Jason Ruiz at Long Beach Post covered a protest of a developers' conference, including a quote from DSA's Andrew Guy and a photo filled with DSA signs. (You can find an account plus video at Barry Saks' blog.)

Who is dominating the anti-Trump narrative, asks Michael Tracey at The New Republic, mentioning DSA in passing.

Leah Sottile's coverage of Portland's anti-hate demonstrations at The Washington Post included a quote from DSA's Cari Luna.

The Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune coverage of anti-Sharia law and counter protest by Graham Womack included a mention of DSA.

DSA member and candidate for Brooklyn Council was quoted by Madina Toure in her account about a demo protesting the Philando Castile trial outcome at Observer.

DSA supported CWA in the AT&T strike according to a report by Ashley Pederson at Southside Pride.

DSA was used as an identifier in a piece about Irving Howe by Jake Offenhartz at Gothamist.

NYC DSA's technical chops were on display in a piece by Tyler Woods at Brooklyn.

In assessing Trump's first six months, Leslie Sarinana included a quote from DSA's Gabriel Solis at The Prospector.

Rob Lorei at WMNF interviewed DSA members organizing a Ybor City chapter.

DSA is a member of a coalition that opposed Walmart coming to Boulder and celebrates its exit, according to Matt Nicodemus opining at the Daily Camera.

Tim Munier boosted DSA's campaign for NY universal health care at Karma Brooklyn.

The campaign to make Troy, NY, a sanctuary community (and DSA) was satirized at The Albany Smudge

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