Enforcing the First Amendment

The National Guard and police have illegally assaulted protesters in Lafayette Square (D.C.) by violating the First Amendment of the Constitution, which allows peaceful demonstrations. The demo did not violate curfew and the attack was without warning.

Government employees, including the police, must understand their duty to disobey illegal orders. The unlawful act was done for photo ops and demonstrating domination, thus making police and the military today’s lawbreakers.

Government officials need to be educated on their duty to uphold the Constitution. Those who followed the illegal order need to have placed in their file a statement saying that in the future, obeying an unlawful law will have serious consequences. We will require communication and evaluations between police and their communities. Police, government workers, and the military need training and discussions that they and leaders are responsible for enforcing the Constitution. All Americans do not need to agree on politics, but we must follow the Constitution and allow peaceful protests.

Military leaders have resigned over policy. They need not leave if given an illegal order. They need to inform their leader that their order is unlawful and refuse to obey. If they get fired, that action needs challenging.

Our military needs to be reminded of its their duty to uphold the Constitution before Trump refuses to step down after losing the presidency. Leaders are programmed to follow orders, but they must be ready to enforce the Constitution by disobeying illegal orders.

The U.S. is more hierarchical than democratic as money and corporations have never been democratic. If we are ever to be a democracy, we need to know the value of respectful communication, working together, and a culture that supports democracy. Our inequality and hierarchy are not promoting political equality and must change.

Daniel Adkins is a retired federal employee.

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