Two Sides of the Same Animal

December 2020

Just like you, many of us are trying to make sense of the post-November world. Beset by mass contagion, economic collapse, Democratic backbiting and Republican scheming, it can be hard to figure out where to look (and what to look out for). For helping think about the post election world: the election outcome, the coup that keeps hanging fire and the lanes for action both with and without the Democratic Party. And as the sources for factual information become increasingly confused in the online context, critical issues like climate change and equality in education collide confusingly in cyberspace. How do we right the information applecart?

In thinking about where to organize next, MDC’s Defund MPD puts a spotlight on the toxicity that lies in the Metro PD police union, and highlights some ways to keep the “police protective society” out of negotiations for the next contract to chart a path to police abolition. And the local Internationalism working group compiles a strategy for collaboratively getting the most out of the two DSA spheres.

For some softer reading, from the paper pages of a 1997 issue of the Socialist, a meditation on the art of meetings in an era when, well, we didn’t meet much. And a science fiction novel by two-time Hugo winner (and  paid-up DSA member) doubles as a roadmap for realistic saving of the planet, thanks to a UN agency — the titular “Ministry for the Future” — set up to represent the interests of future generations inheriting whatever global ecosphere survives late capitalism.

Issue Cover: Two Sides of the Same Animal, prepared by Camila Tapia-Guilliams. You can find more of their art on Instagram @byunnaturalcauses and contact them at byunnaturalcauses[@]

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