Good Reads for February 2018

One union organizer sees a different road to organizing than “enterprise-based collective bargaining”—from Capital and Main via several other stops including Portside.

In the same vein, “Democrats paid a huge price for letting unions die,” touted by our member and Progressive Maryland comrade Larry Stafford.

A reviewer of Levitsky and Ziblatt’s recent book, How Democracies Die, praises their approach but suggests “they proceed from an understanding of liberal democracy that is too uncritical of its serious and chronic normative deficiencies and legitimacy problems.” Includes a continuation of a quasi-debate with Corey Robin on the “authoritarian question.” A definite longread, from the New School’s Public Seminar site via Portside.

From the Southern Poverty Law Center via Alternet and Portside: Understanding the alt-Right means understanding the alt-historical myths on which their demented creed is grounded:

Here’s a take on Smucker’s Hegemony How-To from a Texas DSA comrade writing in the relaunched Organizing Upgrade   (TX to Portside)

From our Houston comrade Bob Buzzanco, an historian of the Vietnam era, his myth-busting take on Tet ’68, despite contemporary attempts to revise history --fifty years along but never forgotten by … well, alas a decreasing number of us…

A great graphic from Medium about DSA; fun and useful for forwarding to the curious. TX Craig Triplett for spotting and Slacking this…

And from our comrade Aaron F., the online Deutsche Welle’s “Under Donald Trump, socialism seeps into US mainstream” with lots about DSA’s central role.

Angela Davis delivers the annual Nicos Poulantzas lecture in Athens: "This is an era defined by the rise of women." from Portside.

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