Retracted article on DC disability policy

This article has been retracted from the Washington Socialist.

We were notified that the content in this article was being misrepresented as an official statement from Metro DC DSA. This was, in part, due to insufficient labeling of editorial content. We have updated the styling of the Washington Socialist to more clearly convey that the information and opinions posted here are not necessarily representative of the chapter, or DSA as a whole.

Additionally, we discovered some potential discrepancies that we were unable to confirm. We further discovered that the article had been previously published on another site in its entirety, and this had not been disclosed when it was presented to the Socialist for publishing. For these reasons, we decided to remove the article.

However, in the interest of fairness and transparency, we are providing a link to the article as published on the other site. We are also including materials that refute the view presented in the article. To be clear, Metro DC DSA does not have any official stance on B22-0154 - Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities Civil Rights Restoration Act of 2017.

Retracted Article: People's World

Disability Coalition Informational Sheet

DC ADAPT Letter of Support for Bill 22-0154

- Metro DC DSA Steering Committee - 02/02/2018

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