Good Reads for Socialists - October 2017

The Nation's D. D. Guttenplan reports from London on Corbyn's triumphant speech at the Labour Party conclave.

Here's a true whopper -- an academic project at the U of Washington mapping US social movements in the 20th century.

Long-ago history for some, but the WaPo pressman's strike of '75 is burned into the brain of every trade unionist in Washington; a precursor to the defenestration of PATCO.

The Juggalo File: more about Juggalos, from a UMD Diamondback writer.

DCDSA gets pretty good props in this piece about the Juggalo March and our support; they appeared to be actually listening.

Louis Proyect in CounterPunch "Reflections on the DSA"; David Duhalde's comments: "would be good for people critiquing DSA with tired arguments to present real evidence -- not just ideas." Still a fertile article and history, even monoperspectival history, is always good.

Halfway through the PBS series on the Vietnam War, Portside collects critical remarks from those of us who take an anti-imperialist stance and see this series as an attempt to impose an "even-handed" template on continuing national amnesia.

Race, urbanization and gentrification tangled and untangled in ROAR magazine, via Portside.

The realism of prison abolition activists, from Jacobin.


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