Reflections from the Past 1985

Labor’s present-day struggles against capital – and sometimes, amongst itself – are reflected in this 1985 Socialist interview with Victor Reuther, brother of the late United Auto Workers’ President Walter Reuther and himself a longtime UAW leader. Reuther, being spotlighted as a recipient of DC/MD DSA’s annual (and final) Debs-Thomas Award, reflected on his long career in labor, fissures within that movement, and the need to ally labor with the larger movement for social justice. [Victor Reuther died at age 92 in 2004].

 Bill Mosley

[This article was first published in print in the Democratic Socialist, publication of the DC/MD and Northern Virginia Democratic Socialists of America, in the September/October 1985 issue]

Victor Reuther, along with brothers Walter and Roy, was one of the leaders in the founding days of the United Auto Workers. All three were lifelong UAW officers. Though he retired in 1972, Victor remains active in international union affairs and teaches at UAW’s Black Lake, Michigan Family Education Center. Reuther is being honored with DC-MD DSA’s Debs-Thomas Award on October 17 [1985]. This interview was conducted by Socialist staffer Stuart Comstock-Gay. ______________